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North Carolina Persimmons

North Carolina PersimmonsThe oriental persimmon, Diospyrus kaki, was introduced into the United States in the late 1800's from China and Japan. It is native to and has been an important fruit crop in each of these countries for hundreds of years. The fruit is eaten both fresh and dried. In northern China, certain valleys are cultivated exclusively for oriental persimmons. On the main island of Japan, groups of trees are found in every village, along the roadsides, or around farmers' cottages.

The shape of the fruit varies by cultivar from spherical to acorn to flattened or squarish. The color of the fruit varies from light yellow-orange to dark orange-red. The size can be as little as a few ounces to more than a pound. The entire fruit is edible except for the seed and calyx. Good source of phosphorous, potassium, and vitamins A and C.

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Cooling/Storage Requirements of North Carolina Persimmons

Suitable Cooling Method(s)

Room Cooling

Optimum Temp ºF


Freezing Temp ºF


Optimum Humidity %


Normal Storage Life

1-3 months