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1020 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1020
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Marketing Specialists in the Raleigh office provide marketing assistance to individual growers, packer/shippers, processors, commodity associations, and agribusinesses. Marketing services are available for crops ranging from corn to strawberries. Activities include developing marketing strategies, identifying potential buyers, organizing promotions with retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, and farmers markets, farm tours for produce buyers, planning marketing programs for commodity associations, training farmers in price risk management, and assistance to grain dealers, cotton gins and the tobacco industry.

E-Mail the designated marketing specialists for assistance with these commodities.

Nick Augostini , Assistant Director, Horticulture and Field Crops

G.W. Stanley, Manager, Domestic Marketing

Kevin Hardison, Local Foods, Direct Markets and Produce

Heather Barnes, Sweetpotatoes, Organics, Farm to School

Zach Mussler, Flowers, Honey, Pine Needles, Sod, and Eastern North Carolina   Christmas Trees

Nick Lassiter , Grains, Oil Seed, Cotton, Peanuts

Tony Haywood, Tomatoes, Apples

Randy Maness, Retail Specialist

Tim Parrish , Foodservice Specialist